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University of Wyoming Visit to the Faster Than Cancer/Steve Huff Motorsports race shop

Thank you to the team at University of Wyoming Foundation for getting this great group of engineering students together for the program's second visit to the Race Shop in Seattle, WA.

Days like this is part of what support for Faster Than Cancer Foundation goes to create moments like these where students are inspired to reach for the next level, expand awareness of what is out there in their chosen profession, and find the passion for applying their education and knowledge to more than just the everyday job. Support our mission to inspire and educate the next generation CLICK HERE

Thank you Teddi Freedman and Tyler Grabner for herding 19 students into a day at the Race Shop.

It was amazing to hear about the way that you and your team have been innovating and reaching your goals. Your tour stood out to me because of the passion for the sport that you had. It was an experience that will help shape my career and the excitement that I hope to find in this field. ~Adrienne(student)

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