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Founding member Steve Huff often tells the story of his first job in a mechanics shop on a small island just outside of Seattle.  The owner was his first mentor (definitely not the last).  "He didn't show me how to do anything.  He taught me how to think and find the solutions for myself."  This is the mentality Steve has taken to every aspect of his life. 


Now Faster Than Cancer Foundation works to educate through hands-on experience with youth from STEM-class lectures, to shop internships, working with developmentally delayed youth, and applied engineering University lectures.  Our goal is to educate and show how a problem-solving mentality for any job or passion can take individuals to places they didn't know existed.  

"What do you do when you are the first one, building something that has never existed?  You can't Google 'how do you build a 200mph electric dragster' when no one has ever done it before"  ~Steve Huff


Beyond the classroom, not everyone needs a college education.  Development of Trades education is crucial as the labor shortage for skilled Trades work is becoming epidemic in the United States.  Faster Than Cancer Foundation supports individuals seeking Trades education and certifications.

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