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University of Wyoming Career Trip to Seattle stops by Steve Huff Motorsports

Dillon Weiss, of Wilson, says the trip was “extremely helpful with tackling some of my insecurities about an engineering career.

“I had a lot of my questions answered. I visited real companies solving real problems that I could easily see myself getting excited over, and I had a great time,” adds Weiss, a mechanical engineering senior.

The career trek opportunity was free for students through Marathon Oil, which established the Marathon Student Experience Endowed Excellence Fund in 2008, and also sponsoring companies such as TerraPower and Steve Huff Motorsports.

UW visit Steve Huff Motorsports

“Career treks allow students to gain a deeper insight into what work actually looks like in their interested STEM fields,” Grabner says. “It not only helps them get into these areas of work, but also helps them determine what direction they would like their career to go.”

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