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Inspire Community Outreach - Burien Car Show

Thank you Discover Burien for giving the Faster Than Cancer team the opportunity support our mission to inspire, educate and support our community highlighting LIVING with a cancer diagnosis and our scholarship program for trade education.

Our goal is to not only inspire people living with a cancer diagnosis, but also inspire the next generation of innovators and racers in motorsports.

As Steve says, "My goal is to meet someone at the race track that said, your race vehicle was the first one that I ever sat in."

See full article at: B-town Blog

Follow us on Social Media or at to see our race and appearance schedule.

Thank you to our major contributors for your continues support. It's because of you that we are able to fulfill our mission at Faster Than Cancer Foundation. See your business added to this list by contributing to Faster Than Cancer Foundation JOIN THE TEAM!


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